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A New Era of Belief: Psychedelics & Faith with Owen Fitzpatrick

Episode Notes

People have gone on psychedelic journeys on this show. One thing that comes up routinely is the transformational nature of those psychedelic experiences often described as profoundly spiritual. This raises the question that will be the topic of discussion today. What is the relationship between the spiritual nature of those experiences and the religious beliefs that is the foundation of millions of people today? 

Answering that will be no easy feat, so we have brought an expert for today’s episode. Scott sits down with Owen Fitzpatrick, social psychologist, and author and together they talk about the psychedelic renaissance and what it means for people of faith as well as those with no faith.


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Owen Fitzpatrick is a social psychologist, storyteller, and renowned author, hailing from Dublin, Ireland. He has traveled to over 100 countries around the world and his education credentials include Harvard and MIT. Owen’s specialty is applying psychology and neuroscience to help leaders and organizations do better. He is also a TED and international speaker and author of 9 books with another one on the way. 


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