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Psychedelics & the Opioid Crisis: Can the Epidemic End?

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America is at a crossroads when it comes to managing trauma. In some sections of our nation, healing is readily available and at the disposal of citizens. Whereas in others, healing options are moderate to virtually non-existent. Trauma happens and everyone deserves the chance to be made whole again, but in so many cases, that chance is fleeting. Healing can come in many forms including Ibogaine, an often overlooked, but powerfully effective option.

My guest today is Talia Eisenberg, a woman who has seen firsthand the incredible healing benefits of Ibogaine. She’s the founder of Beond.us, a healing and detox treatment center with locations in California and Mexico. Today, she’ll share her journey to healing, her history of addictions and generational trauma, and how Ibogaine helped her find her way and become whole again. If you’re suffering, Talia wants you to know that there’s no need to suffer alone. Listen today as she provides insights and guidance on how you can bounce back and become the best you ever!

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Our Guest 

Talia Eisenberg, MBA, is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of Beond.us, a San Francisco- and Mexico-based company providing safe and effective psychedelic-assisted ibogaine treatment for trauma and addiction patients.  Her mission is to directly impact and help thousands of people heal from trauma and addiction and go on to lead meaningful and purpose-driven lives. 

Talia lives in Mexico with her husband, Tom, cofounder of Beond.us, and their sons. She received an undergrad degree from New School in NYC and earned an MBA from Presidio Graduate School in SF. Talia is a person in long-term recovery from harmful mind-altering drugs and substances. Her passion for supporting others in healing through Ibogaine is personal, as it was the treatment that catalyzed her recovery in 2011.

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