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The Final Frontier: Psychedelics, End-of-Life, & Mortality

Episode Notes

In today's episode, I am excited to sit down with John Waller. John is the former owner/principal of Uncage the Soul Productions in Portland, Oregon. In October 2020, he faced a stage four colorectal cancer diagnosis, prompting him to seek a holistic approach alongside Western medicine, including psychedelic-based therapy to navigate the emotional and mental challenges. John also explored the concept of assisted suicide, which is a legal right in Oregon for individuals with a terminal diagnosis. In an altered state, he conversed with himself about whether he would take the pill to end his life. Through this exploration, he was able to understand the ripple effects and consequences of such a decision.

In our conversation, John opens up about his personal journey with psychedelic therapy. We discuss our difficult childhoods and the long-term impact on our mental health. John explains how psychedelics became a tool for therapy after traditional talk therapy proved limited. He shares his transformative experiences with psychedelics, addressing childhood traumas and finding love and compassion for himself. John also discusses his stage four colorectal cancer diagnosis and the importance of addressing his illness's emotional and mental aspects. He explores the concept of death and dying through psychedelic therapy, practicing dying in a psychological sense to alleviate fear and anxiety. John emphasizes the importance of remaining open to possibilities and prioritizing meaningful relationships.

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Our Guest 

John Waller is the former owner/principal of Uncage the Soul Productions, a visionary video production company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, offering everything from story and creative development through post-production.

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